2015 Super Bowl Commercials: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What worked, what didn't, and what made us want to run to the fridge for a gotta-forget-that beer?

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Remember that tired thing everyone said the Monday after the Super Bowl that the commercials were better than the game? Well, that would've been impossible this year, as last night's epic Seahawks-Patriots matchup was one for the ages. But also the batches of ads this year weren't really that great. 

Part of the problem was probably a scramble to fill ad-time. This year, NBC didn't sell out the whole block of advertising until four days before the big event. Last year, Fox sold out all slots two months in advance. Some advertisers wanted to distance themselves from the NFL after a controversial year, with commissioner Roger Goodell's botched handling of the Ray Rice domestic abuse video, controversial playoff reffing (the Detroit auto companies sat out this Super Bowl, whether or not that's related to the controversial game), and almost two weeks of #Deflategate reporting.

So of the companies that did spend $4.5-million per 30-seconds, what worked, what didn't, and what made us want to run to the fridge for a gotta-forget-that beer? (Actually, if you're a Seahawks fan, you're probably nursing many of those regrettable brews this morning.)

The Good

BMW: What is Internet, anyway? Remember wonder? Bryan Gumble and Katie Couric do. And BMW thinks their cars will inspire the sort of wonder where you say, "the heck do you mean?"

Snickers: Yeah, that Fargo quote above was a lead in for the can't fail combo of Steve Buscemi, Danny Trejo and a perfect sepia-toned Brady Bunch color palette for a hangry palette cleanse.

Esurance: While the Lindsay Lohan "Sorta" spot only sorta worked, we still miss Walter White. And Bryan Cranston will probably always be able to slip back into his shoes and give us either the giggles, or the willies.

Clash of the Clans: Eventually we will tire of tough-guy Liam Neeson. But not when he's correcting the pronunciation of his name at a coffee shop.

The Bad

Kia: Believe it or not, Hollywood, but most of America doesn't find insider Hollywood pitches as gleefully funny as you do. Even if we do like Pierce Brosnan.

Doritos: There was no potty humor in any of the ads this year. Recycling a kid's joke without it is pretty lame.

Carl's Jr: Power chords and hot girls eating burgers is so '90s.

The Ugly:

Nationwide: We said it already, but, in the immortal words of The Dude (who, himself, had a fun commercial that went online early), a dead kid during the Super Bowl? "That's a bummer, man."

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