A Brief History of Donald Trump’s Public Life

The briefest history of Donald Trump's crazy public life

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You don't need to worry about Donald Trump becoming president. Many media outlets have been quick to report that he is currently number one in some GOP primary polls, but the same was true in 2012, and nothing came of it. The fact of the matter is that at this stage, name recognition means something in a crowded primary field, and Trump's popularity will fade as the election comes into focus. Furthermore, his past behavior has taught us that name recognition is all that matters to Trump. The man isn't so much interested in being president as he is in continuing his decades long campaign of self-mythologizing celebrity.

Since the early '80s, Trump has been actively playing the role of the billionaire celebrity America loves to hate. While he has made, lost, and made his fortune again in the real estate market (which, we should mention, he initially inherited), his other passion in life has been chasing the spotlight. With his trophy wives, reality television shows, sports promotions, beauty pageants, controversial quotes, and general braggadocio, Trump has systematically set himself up as one of America's greatest villains of the last half-century. When you take a look at all the fame-whoring moves Trump has pulled over the years, you realize that these aren't the moves of a delusional fool, but of a fame whore who feeds off any attention no matter how negative.

In honor of The Donald's dubious return to the public eye, let's take a look back at Trump's brushes with pop culture fame. Like him or not, you have to admit that he has led quite a life in the public eye. Here is A Brief History of Donald Trump's Public Life.

His Wives (1977-Present)

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Cameo Appearances (1981-Present)

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If you have even a passing familiarity with American media, you know Trump's ego knows no bounds. But, for those who remain unconvinced or don't own a television, let's run through the film and TV in which Trump has made a cameo as (or closely resembling) himself:

The Jeffersons (1981)

Home Alone 2 (1992)

The Little Rascals (1994)

Eddie (1996)

The Nanny (1996)

The Associate (1996)

Spin City (1996)

54 (1998)

Celebrity (1998)

Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1998)

Sex and the City (1999)

Zoolander (2001)

Monk (2002)

Marmalade (2004)

Be Good to Johnny Weir (2010)

Horrorween (2011)

After 2011 Trump realized it's far easier to get media attention by making absurd political claims (don't worry, we'll get to that), and Hollywood film and television is better off for it.

The United States Football League (1983-1986)

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Mike Tyson's Finanical Advisor (1988)

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Author (1987-Present)

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WWE (1991-Present)

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To anyone remotely familiar with either man, it should come as no surprise that Vince McMahon and Donald Trump are longtime friends and hold each other in high esteem. Two Wrestlemanias have been hosted at Trump Plaza, and The Donald has appeared in numerous WWE events. The most notable of Trump's appearances in the squared circle was the "Battle of the Billionaires" at Wrestlemania XXIII. In this match Trump and MacMahon had proxy fighters, and when McMahon's wrestler lost Donald shaved Vince's head in the center of the ring.

Trump is such a frequent guest of the WWE it's posted a video of his greatest hits on the WWE website.

Trump's relationship with professional wrestling produced in one of the greatest GIFs of all time: Trump receiving a Stone Cold Stunner.

Beauty Pageants (1996-Present)

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Comedy Central Roast (2011)

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In 2011 Trump joined the illustrious ranks of Flavor Flav and Larry the Cable Guy and subjected himself to a Comedy Central Roast. Although the event was by no means an all-time great Roast, like Bob Saget's filthy turn in front of the dais, the assembled comedians got in a few good punches. Seth McFarlane served as roast master, which proved to be a far better fit for him than Oscar host. Regulars Anthony Jeselnik, Lisa Lampanelli, and Jeffrey Ross performed as expected. The most memorable part of the roast might have been its low point, however. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's "humor" was so widely panned that several of his jokes were pulled from the television presentation of the roast.

The Apprentice (2003 - Present)

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Obama Birtherism (2011)

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Presidential Campaign (2016)

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