Street View: Revisit the Scene of O.J. Simpson's Infamous Police Chase

White Bronco and a gun.

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Forget Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets, 17 years ago today 95 million people had their eyes glued to the broadcast of O.J. Simpson's infamous police chase. Simpson was a no-show at the time he was supposed to surrender to police. At 2 p.m., Robert Kardashian (O.J.'s defense lawyer) addressed the media, reading a letter from O.J. that had the tone of a future suicide. Police pursued Simpson in his Ford Bronco as he rode dirty on Interstate 405 where the 35 mile per hour chase began. Al Cowlings (Simpson's former teammate) drove while Simpson held a gun to his head. After coming to his senses, the chase concluded at Simpson's Brentwood home.

See the chase here.

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