Interview: Pooch Hall Talks About His Role on "Ray Donovan" and Growing Up Boxing in Boston

"Ray Donovan's" Pooch Hall talks about his role as Daryll Donovan, growing up in Boston, and being a skilled boxer.

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Get ready to see a new side of Pooch Hall

We caught up with one of the newer stars of Showtime's Ray Donovan to discuss the hit drama series and his character Daryll Donovan—the illegitimate half-black, half-Irish member of the troubled Donovan family. Turns out Pooch isn't too far off from some of his character's defining aspects—he told us about how he grew up in Boston like the Donovan boys and how he's also a skilled boxer like his character. The dude even won the Southern New England Golden Gloves back in 1994. So it seems like he's a perfect fit for this new role, which is far off from his gig on BET's The Game.

Check out the interview above to see what Pooch had to say, and make sure you peep Ray Donovan on Showtime.

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