Malcolm X’s Legacy Takes on New Life with Audible

'The Autobiography of Malcolm X,' is now available for the first time for Audible listeners who want to learn more or revisit the life story of the beloved icon

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Malcolm X’s story is the American story. Humble beginnings, a turn down the wrong path, and then a re-building of self by sheer will, tenacity. His life and legacy are deeply intertwined into the ideal of America. 

With clear, concise thought and unabashed honesty, Malcolm spoke about the beauty and frustrations of the Black community while also placing the white power structure on notice. The civil rights icon inspired many during his lifetime and continues to do so with his transformative literary work, The Autobiography of Malcolm X As Told to Alex Haley, which for the first time since it’s 1965 publication, is now available in a full-audio format on Audible. 

Within the nearly 17-hour nonfiction work, Malcolm’s searing critique of America, which still leaves Black men and women on the short end of the stick, oftentimes without basic necessities, is what continues to make him both loved and misunderstood in America.

To breathe new life and meaning into this poignant work, Audible tapped Oscar-nominee Laurence J. Fishburne III to narrate.

“It’s a great honor to have the opportunity to tell Malcolm X’s story,” Fishburne says. “This is a man who lived multiple lifetimes in the span of 40 years. An inspiration, The Autobiography of Malcolm X remains a definitive statement within an ever-evolving civil rights and human rights movement. It was a huge responsibility to take on this project and I feel privileged to take Audible listeners on this profound journey.” 

Malcolm’s love for his community and his desire to see fair and equal treatment be extended to Black Americans is what propelled his autobiography and his work. To learn more about the passionate orator, or to experience the courageous leader for the first time, listen to The Autobiography of Malcolm X, performed by Laurence Fishburne on Audible.

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