Shop Our Favorite Black-Owned Hip Hop-Inspired Brands Now

Some of Hip Hop's best artists also have some amazing brands. Check them out.


With 2023 being the 50th anniversary of hip hop, Complex has rounded up our favorite Black-owned, hip hop-related brands to shop in Amazon’s stores now. Due to hip hop’s long history of self-entrepreneurship, many companies in Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator have ties to the genre, whether founded by rappers or simply representing the culture. Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator provides mentorship, marketing assistance, strategic guidance, and financial support to help business owners from underserved populations across various categories become successful sellers in Amazon’s stores.
Scroll through and cop something dope. 

Snoop Doggie Dogs

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Snoop Dogg needs no introduction, but you might not know the Dogfather also has his own line of dog clothing, toys, and accessories. Peep the Snoop Doggie Dogs Amazon storefront to grab a canine football jersey, plush boombox toy, or bandana for the lil furry homie in your life now. 

Lyrically Correct

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Everyone loves trivia, but until now there’s been a dearth of hip-hop-related party games out there. Now, that’s no longer the case. Enter Lyrically Correct, a series of Music Trivia Card games with a hip-hop flavor. Founded and run by first-name-only couples Dee and Tiffany and Juelz and Nikki, Lyrically Correct is a true Black-owned family business. Ahead of your next get-together, hit the Lyrically Correct Amazon storefront to pick up products like its ‘90s and 2000s Hip Hop and R & B Music Trivia Card Game or its ‘80s Mixtape Hip Hop, R & B, Funk, and Pop Music Trivia Card Game for the old heads out there. Fresh, fly fun for all. 

Rap Snacks

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Of course, Master P’s diversified his businesses too. Case in point Rap Snacks, which P became part of in 2017, working with founder James Lindsay to take the brand to the next level. Since its start in 1994, Rap Snacks has released co-branded chips with hip-hop legends, a practice that continues to this day. Now, you can hit the Rap Snacks Amazon storefront to cop products from current MCs, like Lil Baby’s All In Potato Chips or Nicki Minaj’s Nicki Minaj Sour Cream and Truffle, Honey BBQ Truffle, and Salt and Vinegar Truffle Variety Pack of 6 chips. Or you can keep it old school with Boosie’s Louisiana Heat Wavy Potato Chips or Rap Snacks Icons Hip-Hop Star Snoop Dogg Cheddar BBQ chips. Delicious and full of flava. 

Snoop Cereal

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With a nickname like The Doggfather, it should come as no surprise that Snoop Dog’s diversified his brands far beyond music, entertainment, and dope dog clothes. With Brodus Foods, Snoop’s also dipped his toe into the breakfast cereal market, offering fans Snoop Cereal. Even better, this fruity hoops and marshmallow mix is made in concert with his old friend and record label head, Master P. Click the link above and eat up. 

Dope Coffee 

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When you think of hip-hop beverages, coffee might not come to mind at first. But Dope Coffee is out to change that while elevating and uplifting Black culture. With a range of flavors including Organic Guatemalan, Full Medium Roast Arabica Coffee, and Ground Coffee Organic Guatemalan Full Medium Roast, there’s plenty to choose from, but our favorite is Ethiopian Dripp, Medium Roast for obvious reasons. Drink up. 

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