ComplexLand 3.0 Brings LGBTQ Businesses to ‘The District’

At ComplexLand 3.0. five LGBTQ artists will give attendees an opportunity to explore The District, a designated location where artists will be celebrated.

Healthy Sexual ComplexLand LGBTQ The District

Image via Complex

Healthy Sexual ComplexLand LGBTQ The District

ComplexLand is back, bigger and better than ever. The third installment of the virtual experience is giving attendees everything ComplexLand is known for, and a little extra, which can all be found within The District, brought to you by Healthysexual.*

This year, guests can wander over to The District, a designated location within the digital playground, where artists within the queer community will be celebrated while also selling and promoting their businesses. This specific area takes its aesthetic cues from queer communities across America and the small businesses who call those areas home.

The five LGBTQ artists who will be featured are Coco & Breezy, K.ngsley, Fruitloots, Willy Chavarria and Daniel Fletcher. Each creator will give digital attendees an opportunity to cop a few exclusive items, while supporting business owners of color and from marginalized communities.

For ComplexLand 2022 (May 25-May 27), the two-day event will offer guests a chance to score exclusive merch from beloved brands, get lost in a premium digital world, and get their hands on some never-before-seen items. Sounds like a no-brainer.


*Healthysexual is not affiliated with any vendors featured within The District.

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