Legendary 'Saturday Night Live' Hosts Welcome John Mulaney Into Five Timers Club

John Mulaney was welcomed into SNL's Five Timers club this weekend, in a sketch that included guest appearances from Steve Martin, Tiney Fey, and more.

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John Mulaney was welcomed into Saturday Night Live’s legendary Five Timers club this weekend in a sketch that featured several surprise guest appearances.

Tom Hanks, who famously coined the term “Five-Timers Club” in 1990 after he hosted SNL for the fifth time, was noticeably absent from the sketch. However, fellow five-time hosts Steve Martin, Paul Rudd, Tina Fey, Elliott Gould, and Candice Bergen were in attendance to induct Mulaney into the fabled club.

The sketch began with the hosting legends handing Mulaney a royal blue smoking jacket with a large numeral 5 on the right pocket. “Congratulations, John, and let me be the first person to say, who are you?” Bergen joked.

“If you have a niece or son who’s bad at sports, he might know who I am,” Mulaney responded.

Rudd, who hosted SNL for a fifth time in December, though his episode was interrupted by the surge in omicron cases, quipped, “Not to be a total bitch, but my Five-Timers show in December was supposed to be a lot better. That is before the whole cast decided to call in sick.” 

Midway through the sketch, Conan O’Brien, an SNL writer for three seasons who only hosted the show once, busted through the door after Martin complained that the club was starting to become “not special.”

“Did somebody say ‘not special?!’” O’Brien asked. “Look, John, don’t listen to them. This is very, very special. I was in the very first five-timers special. John and I were never supposed to be on TV, we’re hideous.”

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