Jake Paul Under Investigation in Puerto Rico for Disturbing Turtle-Nesting Season

Puerto Rican officials are investigating Jake Paul for disturbing turtle-testing season, after he was seen riding in a motorized vehicle on the beach.

Jake Paul

Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Jake Paul

Jake Paul has landed himself in hot water once again, this time with Puerto Rico’s Dept. of Natural and Environmental Resources.

According to TMZ, the 24-year-old YouTube star-turned boxer is being investigated over a since-deleted video he posted online, which shows him riding around on the beach in a golf cart, which could be a problem given the time of year: It’s turtle-nesting season.

“I have ordered an investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the use of two motor vehicles on beaches that are presented to be in Puerto Rico,” secretary of natural and environmental resources Rafael Marchargo said in a statement obtained by TMZ. “Some media have published today a video of the influencer Jake Paul in a motor vehicle on the beach, an activity that is prohibited, apart from law enforcement agencies.”

“Although the video does not establish where or when it was carried out, the DNER reminds citizens that this type of activity is prohibited by law to protect the environment and the species that can nest or live on the beaches. Those who violate the law face fines and other penalties, if applicable,” Marchargo added

For now, it remains to be seen what the punishments could be for this offense. Paul deleted the video but has yet to respond to the situation.

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