Watch Brie Larson Get Emotional While Meeting Jennifer Lopez at Golden Globes

Larson credited J. Lo's 1997 film 'Selena' with inspiring her to be an actor.

John Salangsang / Golden Globes 2024 via Getty Images

A highlight of Sunday's Golden Globes took place before the award show, as Brie Larson lived out her childhood dream of meeting Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet.

The sweet interaction took place while Larson was being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, as the actress became starstruck after spotting J. Lo coming up the stairs behind her.

“Oh my God. I can't, I’m gonna cry,” Larson said of seeing Lopez. “I can’t deal with J. Lo.” Entertainment Tonight reporter Kevin Frazier waved J. Lo over, with Larson expressing her love for the 54-year-old icon. "You mean so much to me," she told Lopez. "Oh my God, I’m such a huge fan."

Brie Larson meeting Jennifer Lopez for the first time is our golden moment. #GoldenGlobes

— Entertainment Tonight (@etnow) January 8, 2024
Twitter: @etnow

From there, Larson credited Lopez's 1997 film Selena with making her "want to be an actor," adding, "You've always meant so much to me. It's been a dream of mine. Your work ethic is so important, thank you."

“Oh my God don’t make me cry,” Lopez replied, thanking Larson for her kind words.

Following the brief interaction, Larson reflected on the moment with Frazier.

"I’ve been wanting to say that to you for a long time so I’m really — I didn’t think it was going to be right now. OK. I’m gonna have to go do a shot of tequila or something,” 

Watch Larson and Lopez meet for the first time at last night's Golden Globes in the tweet up top.

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