PROMO: Diddy Passes the CÎROC Baton to DJ Khaled with CÎROC Mango

Introducing CÎROC's delicious new spirit CÎROC Mango.

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We all know CÎROC is the premium vodka brand. It’s the first choice for both tastemakers and those who simply have good taste. Earlier this year, CÎROC launched CÎROC Apple, a delicious spirit so well received that it was named the No. 1 vodka innovation of 2016.

Now, CÎROC heads southeast to the shores of Florida to launch its newest flavor creation, CÎROC Mango—a rich tasting vodka that’s infused with mango and other natural flavors. CÎROC Mango is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed on the rocks or with an assortment of juices, including orange and pineapple. Our personal favorite is the CÎROC Mango Loco, an elegant craft cocktail that features CÎROC Mango blended with fresh lemonade.

To help celebrate the launch of CÎROC Mango, Diddy has enlisted none other than Miami’s own DJ Khaled to be the brand’s chief ambassador. Khaled is such a phenomenal success story who embodies everything CÎROC stands for, so he was a natural choice to represent this exciting new innovation.

Be sure to check out the short film above, which highlights DJ Khaled’s “25 years of blood, sweat, and tears” that saw him rise from no name to chart topper. And if you’d like to taste CÎROC Mango for yourself, you can order it now here, or purchase a bottle wherever fine spirits are sold.

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