‘Playboy’ Heir Says He’s Using OnlyFans to Fund Pokémon Card Collection and Wife Is ‘Not Crazy’ About It

Marston Hefner says his wife "would rather me not be on OnlyFans, but what’s more important to her is me pursuing my dreams."

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Playboy heir Marston Hefner has launched an OnlyFans account, but he says his wife is "not crazy" about him using the platform.

In an interview with Page Six, the 33-year-old opened up about his decision to launch an OnlyFans account and how his wife Anna Lambropoulos feels about the situation.

“She's like, not crazy about me being on OnlyFans. She would rather me not be on OnlyFans, but what’s more important to her is me pursuing my dreams or my interests, like taking risks," said Hefner near the 1:50 mark in the video above. "She's always been the person who I can come back home to at the end of the night, and be like, 'Hey, I love you so much.' And having that foundation is where all of this, like the OnlyFans or the artistic risks that I take—OnlyFans is a risk as well—stuff like that...she wants me to pursue what I think is interesting."

Marston Hefner married Lambropoulos in August of last year. He told Page Six he's supportive of whatever she wants to do with her time, including a potential OnlyFans.

"Of course, if she wanted to. [Even] if she wanted an open relationship, we'll talk about it; if she wanted to do anything sexual, that's a conversation that we'd have no matter what, and we are always having it. ... The shoe is always—it always goes both ways," he shared.

As for the true purpose of Marston's OnlyFans, he admitted it's to support his hobbies rather than his livelihood.

"It's not supporting myself, it's mostly for collecting. But it is a long-term avenue for like, further financial security," he said. "But like all of the income right now is going towards Pokémon cards and comic books. ... It's not going to get me the best Pokémon card, but over the long-term, like, it makes a big difference. I'll say that."

Hefner believes he'll be able to own a Pokémon trophy card, of which there are only 100 or so in the world, within "like six months."

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