'Green Book' Wins Top Prize at Producers Guild Awards

Peter Farrelly's 'Green Book' has won the Producers Guild of America Award for Best Theatrical Motion Picture.

Green Book

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Green Book

Peter Farrelly's Green Book has won the Producers Guild of America Award for Best Theatrical Motion Picture. The Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali-starring comedy-drama had some tough competition for the award, facing off against the likes of Black PantherRomaThe Favourite, and BlacKkKlansman among others.

The Best Picture nominees for the 2019 Academy Awards haven't been announced yet, but the PGA win positions the film as a frontrunner for the category. Eight of the last 10 winners of the award have went on to win Best Picture at the Oscars, with only 2015 and 2016 disrupting the streak going since 2007.

While many people have been happy to see Mahershala Ali in another award-winning film, Green Book has received a divisive response due to its naive depiction of racism. Some have even compared the film to Driving Miss Daisy, the 1989 film that previously won top honors at both the Oscars and Producers Guild of America Awards. The controversial win beat out Spike Lee's breakthrough Do the Right Thing for Best Picture.  

Check out some of the response to Green Book taking home the award below.

Driving Miss Daisy beats out Do The Right Thing at the Oscars

Green Book is winning more awards than Blackklansman

Someone on twitter mentioned that Spike Lee has lost out on awards twice to the same movie and now I can’t sleep

— valerie complex is not in Cannes (@ValerieComplex) January 20, 2019

Yes, GREEN BOOK is a dated white savior movie but please remember it’s also boring.

— Louis Virtel (@louisvirtel) January 20, 2019

GREEN BOOK is gonna win best picture unless we mount a blitzkrieg campaign for VENOM https://t.co/xhCrRfRiQ1

— Richard Lawson (@rilaws) January 20, 2019

me accepting the fact that Green Book is a best picture frontrunner pic.twitter.com/paFJs3eE4W

— Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) January 20, 2019

You know who’s rooting hardest for GREEN BOOK to win Best Picture? The producers of CRASH, excited that the heat might finally be taken off them.

— Guy Lodge (@GuyLodge) January 20, 2019

As Green Book has become the Oscar frontrunner, here are my favorite Letterboxd reviews on this powerful film: pic.twitter.com/49JscVbVOT

— Cole Gerthoffer (@ColeGerthoffer) January 20, 2019

Imagine...you have Spike Lee’s best film in 15 years & a black superhero film that grosses over a billion dollars to choose from and you pick......GREEN BOOK!?!? pic.twitter.com/JsBoZBLdRu

— Matt Neglia @Cannes (@NextBestPicture) January 20, 2019

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