New Jersey Man Killed Outside of Popular Club From 'Sopranos'

Marko Guberovic, 38, died early Saturday morning after he got into a scramble with three men by Satin Dolls in New Jersey, known as Bada Bing in the show.

jersey club

Image via Getty/Michael Loccisano

jersey club

The outside of a strip club that appeared in “The Sopranos” was the site of a real-life crime this weekend, as a New Jersey man was attacked, struck by a vehicle and dragged by the location, according to police. 

Marko Guberovic, 38, died early Saturday morning when he got into a scramble with three men by Satin Dolls, known as Bada Bing in the show. The men allegedly left the scene and left Guberovic on the street, where he was hit by a car and later dragged, according to the Daily Voice. The car’s driver was allegedly drinking and speeding when he hit Guberovic. 

The driver’s name has not been released but three other men, 22-year-olds Kevin Agudelo and Christian Reyes and Julio Pena, 23, are facing aggravated manslaughter charges, the Daily Voice reports. The driver reportedly dragged the victim several hundred feet after striking him in the road with his vehicle. 

Guberovic was a well-known sneaker collector who was known under the handle @iloveswoosh on Instagram. Sneakerheads and friends from the sneaker scene have been sharing memories on social media about the late collector since the news of his death first hit. 

The three men facing charges in Guberovic’s death are set to appear in court on Monday. Several interior and exterior shots from The Sopranos took place at Satin Dolls, which is located on Route 17 where the man was struck. The television-popularized location also offers tours and souvenirs for fans of the show. 

Nearly $10,000 has been raised in a GoFundMe campaign for Guberovic, organized by “FOOTLOCKER FAMILY.” 

“Marko went out of his way for anyone he could, and this is our chance to do it for him and his family. Please keep them in your prayers,” the fundraiser read. “His mother, father and sister; but specially his niece, Tessa, who was the absolute light of his life. Our deepest condolences to his family. We hope that this gesture can comfort you during these difficult times and that it reflects how loved he was by everyone.”

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