Jojo Siwa took time out of her schedule to spread some joy to a young fan undergoing an operation this past week. 

The musician can be seen in a new video obtained by TMZ on a bedside video call with 5-year-old Blakely Bergenfeld, before she successfully underwent surgery intended to remove a tumor from her kidney. The girl was diagnosed with cancer in her kidney, and her family was able to pull some strings with friends who were on “Dance Moms” to get the influencer to call her up. 

In the clip, which was seemingly recorded by Bergendeld’s father Jason, Jojo answers all of Bergenfeld’s questions about ponytails, unicorns, and bows, and does a good job keeping her spirits high and she awaits the surgery. The cancer was first discovered after a recent family ski trip, when Bergenfeld was feeling unwell and later rushed to an ER at L.A. Children’s Hospital.

The surgery was successful, TMZ reports, with the girl’s entire kidney removed and additional tumors found—and removed—on her liver and lungs. Siwa, who was supposed to meet her 5-year-old fan before COVID, also offered to cover any medical expenses.

Just a few weeks before her kind deed, Siwa was all smiles after another memorable moment captured on camera—this one on the floor of the Staples Center. During a Lakers game against the Suns, Siwa was nearly taken out by Jae Crowder after he dove for a loose ball, and almost right into her. You can watch the clip here.