Diddy Celebrates Joey Badass-Starring Short Film ‘Two Distant Strangers’ Winning Oscar

'Two Distant Strangers' was executive produced by Diddy and starred Joey Badass. The short film was directed by Travon Free Martin Desmond Roe.


Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for MCM


Diddy celebrated Two Distant Strangers winning an Academy Award in the best live-action short category.

Diddy was an executive producer on the project, which starred Joey Badass. Billboardpoints out that although Diddy was an executive producer on the short film, he will not receive an Oscar for his contributions. Rather, the awards will go to the two directors of the short film, Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe.

Two Distant Strangers follows a Black man who keeps waking up on the same day, only to keep getting killed by a police officer.

After the award was announced, director Free called up Diddy on FaceTime to share the moment with the mogul. 

“It’s all about the Benjamins, baby,” Free said excitedly. 

Diddy shared his reaction on Instagram, with a clip of him jumping for joy in his home.

In a statement after the ceremony, Diddy shared that he was blessed for a film as “powerful and important as this” to win.

“This film is a metaphor for the deadly cycles we experience and have to relive everyday as Black people in America,” he stated. “From being targeted by police, to fearing for our lives and watching more Black men and women killed on camera. I’m incredibly blessed to win my second Academy Award as a producer for a film as powerful and important as this. This is what happens when we unify as a people to tell our own stories and control our own narrative.”

He continued, saying that “Joey Badass did an excellent job as the lead in the film and words can’t express how proud I am to be a part of him winning his first Oscar.”

Joey made sure to celebrate, too, getting his own call from Diddy.

“What the fuck, so proud of you n***a,” Diddy said on a FaceTime with Joey, which he shared on his Instagram Stories. “What the fuck! Wouldn’t be no Oscar if it wasn’t for you, king.” 

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