Play Chase B and Nick Jarvis’ Video Game Collab Now

Producer Chase B and illustrator Nick Jarvis collaborated with Mike's Harder to create a really sweet video game, Balance Harder.

Mike’s® HARDER tapped Chase B and Nick Jarvis to create a really sweet video game. While the producer and illustrator were more than up for the task, it was easier said than done because they’d never met before. In an effort to build some synergy, the pair met up in New York City to trade ideas and find their inspiration. After spending the day bonding over basketball, beats, and few cans of Mike’s® HARDER, Chase and Nick came up with the concept for Balance Harder, an online game where players have to stack a mix of unique items to earn points. Dude, That’s Sweet!

Peep the video above to get a glimpse into their creative process and then check out the game for yourself by visiting

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