New York Jurors Will See the Klansman's Death-Ray Made to Kill Muslims and Obama

The future is now.

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We are living in the future. Last year alleged KlansmanGlendon Scott Crawford and his friend Eric Freight were arrested for plotting to make a death-ray machine in order to kill Muslims and Barack Obama. The duo targeted a mosque, a Muslim school, and the White House and even gave the contraption a cool nickname: "Hiroshima on a light switch." Crawford was an industrial mechanic at General Electric and popped up on the Alphabet Boys' radar in 2012 when he called a synagogue to inquire about technology that could kill "Israel's enemies while they slept." The boys then reached out to help him find materials to build the thing.  He dreamed of concealing it in a van labeled, "Halal Meat."

The trial started this week in Albany, N.Y., and the Feds want the jury to see the car lighter-powered, remote controlled x-ray gun that they described as "lethal" and "functional." The prosecutors feel letting the jurors see it "will give context to, and corroborate, other evidence the jury will see and hear."​

Crawford has been charged with "attempting to produce, construct, acquire, transfer, receive, possess, and use a radiological dispersal device; conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction; and distributing information with respect to a weapon of mass destruction,"​ and is facing 15 years. His lawyer, Kevin Luibrand, is claiming entrapment, though, saying his client made it to fight Muslim extremists overseas. Freight plead guilty but hasn't been sentenced yet.

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