Watch: Nazanin Mandi Recalls Her Debut as Raven Symone's Enemy on "That's So Raven"

Before Nazanin Mandi was the sexy model/singer on Miguel's arm, she was stealing Raven Symone's boyfriend on "That's So Raven."

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Of course Nazanin Mandi stole Raven Symone's man back in the day. Miguel's better half sat down with Complex for our August/September issue to talk about stepping off the runway to work on her debut album, but she also dropped a few details about one of her first acting gigs on Disney's That's So Raven

Before Miguel, before modeling, and definitely before the music career, Mandi was perfect as "Picky Vicky," the popular girl in school who Raven threw down with over a boyfriend. 

But even funnier than the fact that Raven thought she had a chance against Mandi is how the model/singer landed the role in the first place. We'll let Picky Vicky explain herself.

And when you're done watching above, check out the full interview with Nazanin Mandi here.

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