Jaden Smith Is Going to Appear in an HBO Pilot

HBO buys into the Jaden Smith business.

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HBO is about to get 1000% more enlightened. Forget wondering what's going to happen to Tyrion Lannister or why How To Make It in America wasn't more successful (IT WAS ENTOURAGE SET IN NYC!!!), it's time to think about real things, like the existential values of the P.C.H. or how America is devolving into a nation run by Driver's Ed. 

That's right, Jaden Smith is coming to HBO.

The 16-year-old actor/rapper/oracle is set to guest star in Brothers In Atlanta, a comedy pilot written by and starring former Late Night with Jimmy Fallon writers, Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin, about struggling entertainers living in the ATL. According to Deadline, Smith will play a teen neighbor with "unpredictable interests and a suspicious income." If Brothers In Atlanta gets picked up, Smith will reportedly be a recurring character.

And in no time, HBO's programming will consist solely of black-and-white art films about the "melancholiness of the ocean," as well as endless loops of Jaden Smith rolling around on the ground.


[via Deadline]

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