The Drunkest People at the Golden Globes

Proof that the Golden Globes is the most turnt Hollywood event of the year.

Cuba Gooding Jr
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Cuba Gooding Jr

You've maybe heard that the Golden Globes refer to themselves as "the party of the year," a statement that is both true and false. On one hand, Globe attendees are allowed to drink, so the awards show is comparably entertaining. Then again, it's an awards show, and there's definitely a cap on how fun those things can be. Also? It's fucking January; you can't say a thing is the "thing of the year" eleven months before that year ends. That's just cocky.

But it's 2017—new year, new me—and I promised to be more positive. So let's celebrate the fun part of the Golden Globes and highlight all the very fancy celebrities who were very drunk. 

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington

My guy may not have been drunk on the red carpet, but this is very much a "jfc I wish I slammed Henny in the limo" face.

Jenna Bush Hager

"you're nominated for Hidden Fences"

It's Hidden FIGURES, George W. Bush's daughter. This was almost as embarrassing as the time your pops choked on a pretzel.

Michael Keaton

someone fucked up

Because again, IT IS HIDDEN FIGURES. People shouldn't be this confused by two movies that star black people and share a consonant.

Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton

When they announced Billy's nomination, the camera cut to my guy and he was very thirstily whispering in a woman's ear. Then he actually won, and his acceptance speech was even more bizarre. You knew Billy was on one after you saw those sunglasses, though.

Lakeith Stanfield

Keith Stanfield Golden Globes

Seems like a safe assumption. But I mean, can you blame him?

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer may have been doing a bit when they presented the award for best actor in a comedy. But if not, holy shit, Goldie was the drunkest. She was Old Hollywood drunk—like, "if I crash a car into a children's hospital some shady fixer will make it disappear" drunk.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

I remember the first time tried to rest my hand on my chin. (Also, this hand-fumbling happened smack dab in the middle of Meryl Streep's speech about how bullying disabled people is bad. Look at Mel like, "What is this novel concept!?")

Hugh Laurie

After Meryl Streep repeated his Trump joke (about how "Hollywood Foreign Press" are Republicans' three least favorite words) and got a way bigger laugh, House MD was ready to turn up. 

"I am very excited and on my way to being pleasantly intoxicated." -- Hugh Laurie just now on E!

No word yet on how intoxicated House got, but I know that if I watched myself get Dane Cook'ed at the Golden Globes, all bets would be off.

The Afflecks

The dudes you avoid at a party when it gets late

​TOM BRADY TOM BRADY DEFLATEGATE ROGAH GOODELL FAHKING M.I.T., Casey and Ben Affleck yelled to anyone who would listen.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Pictured above: Cuba Gooding Jr., also known as that guy who once tried to eat another man's cell phone.

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