Chanel West Coast Got Arrested for Kicking a Security Guard

The girl from Ridiculousness got arrested.

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Do you know who Chanel West Coast is? No? Well you must not watch any of Rob Dyrdek's shows on MTV. She was the cute little blonde girl who worked the desk on Fantasy Factory, and now she's the cute little blonde girl who sits on a couch and laughs at viral videos on Ridiculousness. She's also a bona fide musician...

ANYWHO, Chanel got a little too tipsy at 1 OAK in L.A. on Tuesday night, reportedly got into a fight with a girl, and then started another fight with security after being escorted out of the club. She apparently kicked and punched one of the security guards, and then got arrested for it. Above, you can see her being driven away in an LAPD squad car. The better video of the arrest is on TMZ, but here are some highlights:

  • Can you hear Chanel's friend "Megan" yelling about Miranda rights? That right there is a friend who knows her way around an arrest.
  • Here's a good exchange that happens: "I didn't do anything," Chanel says to the security guard, to which he blankly responds, "You punched me."
  • "Megan, shut the fuck up, just shut your fucking mouth," Chanel yells. Yo Chanel, your girl is out here lawyering and trying to protect your rights. Give Megan a break.
  • This quote: "I've been on TV for 17 seasons." A couple things on this, Chanel. With the way MTV's programming works, 17 seasons actually isn't that many. MTV runs like four seasons of a Rob Dyrdek show per year, so let's just chill. Also, being on MTV is a lot different than being on TV. 
  • "I did nothing, these people are haters." I just conferred with Megan—that line of defense checks out. You're free to go. Oh wait, no you're not.


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