Paqui’s® #OneChipChallenege Turned Sasha Banks into a ‘Fire Breathing Dragon’

Every year, Sean Evans invites a celebrity guest to join him in the Paqui® #OneChipChallenege. This year, WWE® Superstar Sasha Banks® agreed.

If you’re a fan of Paqui® Tortilla Chips, then you know their #OneChipChallenge is nothing to play with. Sean Evans has taken on the challenge like a champ for the past four years, and year five is no different.

This time around, WWE® Superstar Sasha Banks® traveled from California to Complex’s New York studio to take her place in the hot seat, across from Evans, to see just how long she can handle the heat. Ready to tackle the Carolina Reaper and Scorpion Pepper-infused tortilla chip, Sean and Sasha put on the proper gloves needed to consume this hot-as-hell tortilla chip, but not before committing to withstand water, milk, or any other substance to soothe their pain for five minutes (something she quickly regretted later).

The WWE® wrestler transformed into a “fire breathing dragon” as she tried to spit the heat out of her mouth. Meanwhile, Evans was ready to throw in the towel. According to him, he’s done this before and has nothing to prove, but Sasha wouldn’t let him give in.

If you’re up for the Paqui® #OneChipChallenge, watch how Sean and Sasha make it through, then take a breath, get your gloves, and see how long you can last without reaching for your water.

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