Marvel Is Rewriting Fantastic Four's Origin Story

The team of superheroes is being rebooted next year.

fantastic four reboot

Image via Getty/Jim Bennn

fantastic four reboot

The Fantastic Four haven't had much of a presence in the Marvel universe since their flagship series ceased printing back in 2015. However, it looks like the team of cosmic-ray-infused scientists are going to be at the center of something huge next year. 

Marvel announced that the team's origin will be re-written and forever changed with a poster teasing a new direction for the superhero team. In the just-released image, Marvel pointedly asks "Who gave the Fantastic Four their powers?" 


It's worth pointing out here that the Four got their powers on a scientific expedition into outer space. Their ship was blasted with cosmic rays and when they returned to Earth, they found that they had developed powers like invisibility and elasticity. 

The wording of the teaser suggests that the presumed accident had a more malevolent edge. There's someone behind the cosmic rays that lead to the superhero team and they will be revealed in March of 2019. Marvel added the phrase "Marvel history is destroyed," suggesting that whatever they might be planning, it's going to be big. 

Marvel has been preoccupied with the early history of its characters lately. As Comicbook points out, Marvel is currently working through an arc that places superpowered beings on Earth as early as 1,000,000 BC. The publisher is following the story of prehistoric Avengers including Odin and the original versions of Ghost Rider, Black Panther and Iron Fist.   

Marvel only just rebooted Fantastic Four earlier this year, but it looks like their ready to start again.

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