Some Fans Think Captain Marvel's Cat Took Nick Fury's Eye

The latest 'Captain Marvel' trailer has led to some fan theories.

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Nobody even knows what iteration of the internet we're on at this point. But whatever version we've reached, one things for sure: it runs on surrealism and insane fan theories. 

Once Marvel shared the trailer for Captain Marvel, featuring a binocular Nick Fury baby-talking the titular hero's cat, it was only a matter of time before fans predicted a gruesome turn. Since Fury wears an eyepatch in later films, Marvel followers began to speculate that "Goose" was the reason that Fury lost an eye.

Other fans were happy to learn that the notoriously hardassed leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. has soft spot for felines, whether or not it's going to turn into a grimdark tale. 

Given that the only clue Fury has ever given about his accident was that it happened because he "trusted someone," it's not entirely out of bounds to think Goose might just be the culprit. The cat is just about the only Marvel universe character that Fury has ever showed any warmth toward.

Not to mention, all cats contain the capability for casual evil. The fact that Goose is actually an alien life form called a "Flerken" matters not a whit, because they decided on the form of a cat. This all checks out.   

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