Salma Hayek Recalls First Kiss Leading to ‘Disastrous’ Ant Infestation After She Used Honey

The actress shared how she got herself in a sticky situation that led to an ant infestation in her childhood home.

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Salma Hayek Pinault is back on the small screen in the sixth season of Black Mirror. In conversation with W Magazine, the 56-year-old actress recalled a sticky situation that led her home to be infested by ants.

When asked about her first kiss, Hayek Pinault described a story from her childhood. “[It was in] Coatzacoalcos, in my little town in Mexico. It was very memorable, for a very stupid long story. I wanted to taste good, so I kept putting honey on my lips. And I said, ‘What did it taste like?’ And he said, ‘Like honey,’ but it’s the cliche—that’s what they say.”

She continued, “And so I kept putting honey on my lips and I burned my mouth and I had an infestation of ants in my bedroom. And something that started real romantic turned out to be kind of disastrous.”

Hayek Pinault got her start in television through telenovelas before making her breakthrough in film. But despite watching “a lot” of TV herself, she says she had never watched Black Mirror prior to joining the show for its sixth season. “Black Mirror was a show everybody was talking to me about, but I get really scared of anything horror. I don’t watch, because then I don’t sleep,” she said.

On Hayek's episode of Black Mirror, she appears as a meta version of herself playing a woman named Joan (embodied by Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy) who learns her life has been adapted into a TV show for a Netflix-esque streamer.

See Salma Hayek Pinault recount the kissing story at the beginning of the W clip below.

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