Everybody Wants to Know What's Going on With Jamie Foxx's Beard

It's okay Jamie, just tell us the truth.

Jamie Foxx beard

Image via Getty/Paula Lobo

Jamie Foxx beard

Jamie Foxx is currently on the promo circuit for his role in Robin Hood, which hits theaters next week, including stops at The Tonight Showto chop it up with Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America. But his typical talk show appearances have started to raise questions. Well, specifically one question: what is going on with Jamie Foxx’s beard?

Jamie Foxx & Kris Kringle shopped at the same Beards R Us outlet pic.twitter.com/DRqY6oaSid

— Jamaalaveli (@kayneIIXIV) November 16, 2018

A specific group of Twitter gumshoes are dedicated to this cause, proposing multiple possible theories. Is the beard velcro? Chia? Is is somehow, possibly...natural

Whatever the case may be, the people really want to know. I mean how could this happen over night? 

We need answers Jamie. No judgment. We already know all about Tyga and Safaree's hairlines

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