In Power Book II: Ghost, Tariq St. Patrick emerges as an unlikely hero. Once a mischievous teen known for meddling in the affairs of the drug world’s most treacherous, he’s now a young man balancing the weight of a broken family, a high-stress class schedule, the responsibility of his own budding drug business, and fighting off enemies at every turn. 

Gone are many of the familiar faces fans of the Power universe are used to. Instead, this spin-off series introduced viewers to a new crop of complex characters that live and breathe drama. There’s Brayden Weston, Tariq’s wealthy roommate, and right-hand man, and Lauren Baldwin, the brilliant cutie on-campus that caught Tariq’s eye. There’s also Ezekiel, a star basketball player whose aunt, Monet, is head of the Tejada crime family, which includes her children Drew, Cane, and Diana. Then, of course, there’s Davis MacLean, the high-powered attorney Tariq persuaded into representing his incarcerated mother.

These characters might all come from diverse backgrounds, but their goals are the same: survive by any means necessary. Staying 10 steps ahead of the competition while also remaining under the radar is a way of life for those in the Power universe. With Power Book II returning this Sunday on Starz, we compiled a list of Power Commandments inspired by the many twists and turns from the first half of the series’ debut season. 

Spoilers ahead so proceed with caution.