Memories were made at the first-ever ComplexLand. Taking the excitement of past ComplexCons and turning it into a five-day digital experience allowed attendees from all over the world to take part in a one of a kind experience. And OMEN added to the fun! 

From Dec. 7 - Dec. 11, OMEN and Complex Networks worked together to help ComplexLand attendees upgrade their gaming setup with an opportunity to win the newest OMEN 15 laptop, monitor, accessories and T-shirts. And on day one, the highly coveted prized merch sold out within the first 15 minutes and within a few minutes on the subsequent days.

To get their hands on the OMEN gear, attendees had to find four OMEN Non-Playable Characters or NPCs. Three of the NPCs were scattered across the playground dropping clues on how to score the prizes. They were easy to find, but attendees had to pay close attention to what these three NPCs said in order to solve a riddle, find the fourth NPC, and then get the goods.

OMEN prizes for the inaugural ComplexLand included the OMEN 15 Laptop with a custom ComplexLand Sticker, an OMEN 27i Monitor, an OMEN Vector Wireless Mouse, an OMEN Spacer Wireless TKL Keyboard, an OMEN 15 Transceptor Backpack, and exclusive OMEN x ComplexLand T-Shirts.

With OMEN’s help, the first ComplexLand is sure to go down as one for the books.