It looks like Baby Yoda and Baby Groot still have some beef.

Kyle Mooney’s Baby Yoda returned to Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” for a special Halloween episode, as a nod to The Mandalorian’s return to Disney+ for Season 2. Outfitted in an orb-like vessel, Baby Yoda threw shade at Baby Groot: “Imma put it like this,” Baby Yoda said, “Baby Groot...we ain't friends. I know you're still talking smack about me and I just want to say your Tik Toks are cringe, bro!”

Baby Yoda continued, “But honestly, it’s all love—I’m not a hater. But if you say my name one more time, I’ll kill you.”

He also promoted his new cannabis line, which includes a weed strain called “Dago-Bud,” edibles named “Wookie Cookies,” and a CBD kombucha, “Jabba the Kombucha.”

SNL debuted its Baby Yoda last year after The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+, which was the first time we saw Baby Yoda threaten the Guardian’s of the Galaxy’s Baby Groot.

“Baby Groot, do me a favor,” Baby Yoda said at the time. “Keep my name out of your little tree mouth, before I snap you like a twig.”