The trailer for Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, the late Chadwick Boseman's final film, was released on Monday by Netflix.

The trailer drop was complemented by a discussion between star Viola Davis and director George C. Wolfe on the film's production during which Boseman's inspiring approach to artistry was remembered, particularly by Boseman's previous Get On Up collaborator Davis.

"Chadwick is my baby," Davis said during the social distancing-friendly press event, per the Hollywood Reporter. "Chadwick was just an artist. For someone so young, it was incredible to watch that level of not mistaking your presence for the event." 

Later, Davis praised Boseman—who took on the part of determined trumpet player Levee in the Denzel Washington-produced drama—for always placing the art of what they were doing ahead of the more ego-driven aspects of a creative project.

"I don’t know that people understand the absolute impact of that statement," Davis said, per Variety. "We are in the business, that a lot of times people have business conversations that masquerade themselves as artistic conversations." Davis added that—for Boseman—it was integral to simply do the work and leave "your ego and your vanity" at the door.

"He loved it," she said. "He demanded it. He demanded it in every single way."

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, starring Davis as "Mother of the Blues" Ma Rainey, hits Netflix on Dec. 18. Catch the newly released trailer above.