Last week, we introduced you to Create Jobs, an employment programme from London-based non-profit A New Direction, and the Creativity Works courses they recently launched. 

Ahead of the October 1 deadline for new sign-ups, we took a look at some of their recent graduates — three photographers, Randy Mankoto, Sabab Khan and Faith Aylward, and three filmmakers Justine Franco-Okedigun, Juliana Ogechi and Skye Mcleod — their work, and how they're using what they learned at Creativity Works to change the face of their industry.

The brief given to the 2019 intake of students asked them to use visual storytelling to illustrate their perception of London from the vantage point of an actual resident. The image that London projects to the wider world is often sanitised and framed in relation to the Royal Family and its tourist attractions. The reality often runs counter to that, something the photographers we've highlighted were able to show using intimate yet powerful imagery.

As part of the Content Production course, each of the filmmakers were asked the question What Do Young Londoners Care About? They were given an iPhone and 90 seconds tell the stories of Generation Z and their lives in the capital. The results were wildly creative, exploring politics, cultural identity, and everyday life.