Comedian Jeff Ross, took to Twitter on Monday, where he refuted claims that he had a sexual relationship with an underage girl.

"I have never engaged in any sexual relationship with a minor," Ross tweeted.

On Friday, comedian Pallavi Gunalana posted an 16-part thread that included several videos of a woman detailing the alleged relationship she had with Ross in 1998. The woman claimed that she was only 15-years-old at the time of the relationship and that Ross was 33.

In his response, Ross explains that this story is "old news" and has been "investigated numerous times." According to Deadline, the woman first made the accusation in 2006, and once again in 2019. Although Ross stopped short of naming those responsible, the comedian did claim that the person making these accusations has falsely accused other people and has battled substance abuse.

"I intend to take legal action based on these untrue, horrific allegations because no one, no matter how sick they are, should be allowed to continue to try and benefit from false stories while attempting to destroy others," he wrote after saying that the accuser and her husband have "harassed" him for years. 

"The dangerous environment currently being exposed at the comedy clubs is real," he continued. "Although this accusation is false, I want there to be no doubt of my commitment to victims of sexual assault."

Ross' response follows reports that fellow comedian, Chris D'Elia, "groomed" underaged women for sex. In response to these accusations, D'Elia's comedy special was removed from Comedy Central's streaming platform. Also, Hulu, Comedy Central, and Amazon Prime Video removed a Workaholics episode that featured D'Elia as a pedophile. He was also recently fired by CAA.