Netflix announced a new partnership with John Boyega's UpperRoom Productions on Tuesday that will see the development of non-English language films "with a focus on West and East Africa."

When announcing the deal, Boyega—who was last seen in The Rise of Skywalker—praised Netflix as a platform with a vision complementary to his own.

"I am thrilled to partner with Netflix to develop a slate of non-English language feature films focused on African stories and my team and I are excited to develop original material," he said. "We are proud to grow this arm of our business with a company that shares our vision."

The deal will include projects with stories, cast, crew, characters, mythology, literary properties, and screenplays focused on West and East Africa. As David Kosse—Netflix's VP of International Film—explained, the link-up allows for the streaming platform to strengthen what it says is an investment in African content creators.

"Africa has a rich history in storytelling and for Netflix, this partnership with John and UpperRoom presents an opportunity to further our investment in the continent while bringing unique African stories to our members both in Africa and around the world," Kosse said Tuesday.

Boyega's UpperRoom Productions, whose inaugural co-production was Pacific Rim: Uprising back in 2018, describes its aim as built on a commitment to "sourcing stories and creating content" that will inspire audiences to see the world through "a new lens."

As an actor, Boyega's next appearance will be in the Chase Palmer-directed Naked Singularity.

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