In case you've forgotten, which is highly possible given the breakneck speed at which fuckery unfurls in the current era, there was a whole ordeal made out of a non-issue in 2018 when Pete Davidson rightfully made a little joke about Republican Dan Crenshaw during a Saturday Night Live bit.

Disappointingly, the Weekend Update-housed joke in question was eventually followed by an appearance alongside Davidson on SNL by Crenshaw himself. Now, by way of his new Netflix stand-up special Alive from New York, Davidson has shared his personal thoughts on how the fuckery went down.

About halfway into the new special, Davidson—who noted he is "very limited" on SNL—explained that the Weekend Update segment began with a brainstorming session in which the team landed on a set-up based on roasting politicians. 

As Davidson made clear, this meant "8 Mile rules" would apply. The Big Time Adolescence star was given an assortment of photos of potential segment subjects, when he noticed a guy with an eye patch. "Then this guy Dan Crenshaw pops up, right?" he said. "And he has an eye patch, right? So already I'm like 'This guy has a sense of humor.'"

Just before hitting the set for the segment, someone who worked on the jokes with Davidson informed him that he had just done some last-minute research and discovered Crenshaw may have lost his eye in a war. This inspired the aside that Davidson tucked in after joking about Crenshaw's "hitman in a porno" aesthetic.

"Right after, I go 'I'm sorry, I know he might've lost his eye in a war or whatever,'" Davidson recalled. "And I said 'Whatever' and people were like 'You hate America!' I'm like, no, I just didn't wanna be incorrect about how he lost his fucking eye. Is that a fucking crime? He could have lost his eye in war or whatever. I don't know how he lost his eye. It could have been in Afghanistan [or] he could have been making a sandwich."

As for the lame apology segment with Crenshaw that followed, Davidson said he "kinda got forced to apologize" because he was receiving threats from people who wanted to shoot him in the face.

"I did make that guy famous and a household name for no reason," Davidson said when joking about what he actually should have apologized for. "I did what, like, Ariana Grande did for me, right? Yes, I sucked his dick at SNL."

Alive from New York is out now on Netflix.