Lori Harvey, thinking quickly on her feet, stopped a would-be car thief from taking her whip. 

Per TMZ, Harvey parked her 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan at an Atlanta apartment complex on Wednesday night. She then proceeded to get some things out of the trunk. As she was making her way to the back of the car, the suspect snuck into her driver's seat.

According to the police reports, Harvey actually tried to fight off the suspect but was pushed away. At that moment, Harvey realized that she had the key fob in her possession. If the key is a certain distance away from the car then it won't be able to shift into drive. So, Harvey just calmly walked away from the vehicle while the suspect struggled to get the car in gear. After fighting with the car for a minute, a second suspect pulled up in a getaway car. He ran to the back of the car, grabbed a duffle bag, then he and the first suspect left the scene. 

Although they got away, the suspects didn't make off with much. Harvey claims that the red duffle bag just contained some clothing items. Harvey was not injured during the incident. She told police that the suspect was a black male and that she was coming back from Whole Foods when the crime took place. Authorities are now searching surrounding cameras in hopes to find the suspects. 

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