If you have followed Daniel Radcliffe's post-Harry Potter franchise acting career, then you already know that he can't resist taking on a part with a batshit crazy concept every now and then. Remember 2013's Horns? Or what about Swiss Army Man? Radcliffe is back in his bizarre bag once again with Guns Akimbo

Radcliffe plays Miles, a video game developer who drunkenly makes the mistake of pissing off the wrong people during a broadcast of the underground death-match fight club known as SKIZM. A contestant is typically given some sort of hindrance when they defend themselves against this gang of killers, and Miles is no different because his handicap comes in the form of heavy pistols bolted to his hands.   

While just wearing a robe, his boxers, and some oversized slippers, Miles must take down his first obstacle, the trigger-happy Nix, played by Samara Weaving. Back in May of 2018, still images of Radcliffe in this exact attire turned into a glorious meme despite having little context.  

The Jason Lei Howden-directed Guns Akimbo, which premiered at TIFF this past September, is slated for a February 28 theatrical release. 

Check out the trailer up top.