Several Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences members have unceremoniously commented on an assortment of 2020 Oscars snubs.

Of course, one of the most heavily discussed films to have been shut out of this year's nominations is the Safdie brothers' A24 entry Uncut Gems, starring Adam Sandler. As he's done on a few other occasions in his career, including in the highly rewatchable Punch-Drunk Love and The Meyerowitz Stories, Sandler eschews the familiar notes he typically hits in lesser fare in favor of one of the strongest performances of the year.

Still, Sandler and the rest of the Uncut Gems team were not named among the nominees. Speaking with the New York Post, one Academy voter identified only as "a longtime character actor" gave an assessment of how older members might view Sandler with a skeptical eye.

"That [performance] was a tour de force," said the member when asked about Sandler. "He's emerging as a truly great actor, but then he does cheesy Netflix comedies that are really dumb."

This member with a lot to say went on to note that "actors become brands," a reality which ultimately inspires some to gravitate toward more traditionally awards-aligned brand like Leonardo DiCaprio.

"There was an arrogance to [Adam]," another voting member said. "It's a lack of respect."

Quite famously, Sandler previously vowed to make a movie that's "so bad on purpose" if he ended up not bagging an Oscar nomination.

The full Post piece also sees some more disturbing comments on Jennifer Lopez's Hustlers snub.91-year-old actress Terry Moore said Lopez's performance was overrated, adding that she "would have been shocked if she did get it."

As for Eddie Murphy's snub for Dolemite is My Name, Moore said that she didn't like his campaigning efforts, including his SNL hosting gig. 

“I didn’t like his attempt for it,” she said.