Great news, all you indecisive Netflix users: You may soon be able to skip the exhausting browsing process.

According to Variety, Netflix has begun testing a new feature called "Watch Now," which allows users to start streaming a program without having to look through the ever-growing list of titles. The outlet reports a select number of customers can see the "Watch Now" button on their profile menu, located above "browse." Once a user selects the feature, Netflix will start streaming the next episode of a series the customer is already watching, or begin new series determined by the algorithm. In the case of the latter, Netflix will provide a brief explanation as to why a certain show was chosen for the viewer, citing similarities to previously watched series.

Netflix is also reportedly implementing a "Watch Something Else" button, which would also give customers the opportunity to bypass the browsing and move on to a different show based on the streamer's recommendations. According to Variety, the "Watch Something Else" option is currently only available for users who started streaming with the "Watch Now" button.

As the publication points out, these features highlight the way streamers are trying to simplify their platforms and create an experience similar to that of traditional TV.

The company started testing the feature Tuesday among "a small percentage" of subscribers around the world. The test-run will reportedly last one to two months, and is being limited to TVs and TV-connected devices. It's unclear if this feature will ever hit the mobile app.