James Cameron, the director, writer, and producer of Avatar 2, feels confident that his long-awaited, highly-anticipated sequel to the 2009 film has what it takes to steal back the worldwide box office crown taken from him by Avengers: Endgame

"I think it’s a certainty," Cameron said in an interview with USA Today. "But let's give Endgame their moment and let's celebrate that people are going to the movie theater." Earlier this year, Endgame narrowly surpassed Avatar to become highest-grossing movie of all-time. While Cameron publicly came across as cordial and congratulatory in the wake of losing a record that he held onto for a decade, he believes Avatar fell victim to a miscalculation.

"I don't want to sound snarky after I took the high road (by offering congratulations)," Cameron continued. "But they beat us by one quarter of a percent. I did the math in my head while driving in this morning. I think accountants call that a rounding error." 

Pettiness aside, Cameron seemed genuinely happy to see Endgame succeed because it meant that there were still films that could buck the trend of declining box office returns for big budget features in the face of growing interest in the convenience brought about by streaming services.

"I saw it as a really good sign," Cameron said "I was really concerned with all the new streaming services and the different ways people can consume movies right now that the theatergoing experience might have been eroded to the point that a new Avatar film – even if it were better than the first one, and better received – could never achieve the same box-office levels. Now at least we know such a thing is still possible at the movie theater."

"This gives me heart to go forward," he added. 

The oft-delayed Avatar 2 is scheduled to be released on December 17, 2021.