Eddie Murphy has had his fair share of cinematic hits during his '80s residency at the top of the box office. But the comedy legend did end up turning down one more role that could've been another classic on his resume.

During an appearance on the Tonight Show, Murphy confirmed and denied some rumors about his illustrious career. While doing so, Murphy revealed to Fallon that he turned down the starring role in 1988's Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

"The only movie that I ever turned down that became a big hit was Who Framed Roger Rabbit," Murphy said at the clip's 2:30 minute mark. "I was going to be the Bob Haskins dude." 

Murphy went on to explain that he turned down the role because he didn't see the vision behind the movie's blend of live action and animation. Although cartoons and human flesh have appeared on screen before, Murphy just wasn't into it.

"I was like, 'What? Animation and people? That sounds like bullshit to me,'" Eddie joked. "Now every time I see it I feel like an idiot."

Murphy's story came after he explained to Fallon why he wasn't in the original Ghostbusters movie. Murphy was originally tapped to play the role that eventually went to Ernie Hudson. He had to turn down the role because he already signed on for Beverly Hills Cop

"It wasn't like I turned it down so much as I wasn't available because I was doing this other movie," Murphy said.

Unlike Who Framed Roger Rabbit, his decision to stick with Beverly Hills Cop paid off for Murphy. His role in the film was significantly bigger than the part he was offered for Ghostbusters. Beverly Hills made around $300 million globally and ignited a franchise that has earned close to $800 million.