Over the past week, Ray J's pregnant wife Princess Love claimed he left her and their 18-month-old daughter Melody stranded in Las Vegas. On a since-deleted photo of the family at BET's Soul Train Music Awards, the eight-month pregnant Princess made the claim. After she posted on social media about the situation, Ray J has responded with a video on his Instagram account.

"This is for all the media outlets out there that’s putting out these stories about me," he said in the video. "Let me explain something to y’all because I don’t think y’all understand who I really am. [...] I am my family. I love my family. I’ve dedicated my life to my family. To insinuate that I would do anything to harm my daughter is just sad man." He then revealed that he's still in Vegas by panning the camera around.

"I just don't understand how somebody could get stranded if we never left," he said. "We've been right here. [...] People are going to get into arguments here and there that are small stuff that you can work out." He explicitly critized his wife's decision to post about it on social media, expressing his desire to keep their issues private. "To take this to social media and create this crazy story about me leaving my baby in harm's way is not cool," he added.

He said he is willing to make compromises for her because of how much he values their marriage, and he apologized for "everything that's happened." In the caption he stated that he misses his daughter Melody, which prompted Princess to reply on her Instagram Story. "Practice what you preach," she wrote. "If we've 'so called' been there the whole time, why would you miss your baby?"

She has since deleted most of the Instagram Story posts. In an Instagram Live, Princess said Ray J asked if she wanted to move to Vegas, to which she said no. "This is not the place to have kids," she said. 

If Ray J is indeed still in Vegas, it's unclear where Princess Love is in relation to him. The two have been married since 2016.