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Fans are excited about the upcoming The Batman reboot, and now, a new cast announcement makes it seem like the film will be an adaptation of the comic book series The Long Halloween.

On Friday, director Matt Reeves tweeted, “I said... #CarmineFalcone,” alongside a gif of John Turturro. Bloody Disgusting confirmed the news.

Carmine Falcone is an enemy of Batman and a friend of the Wayne family—and one of the main characters in The Long Halloween

The cast announcement alongside the existing cast has increased fans’ sneaking suspicion that it’ll be based on the series. With rumors that Colin Farrell will play The Penguin, the cast is rounded out with Robert Pattinson as Batman, Paul Dano as the Riddler, and Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman. Andy Serkis is also set to play Alfred Pennyworth and Jeffrey Wright will be Commissioner Gordon.

The film is expected to drop on June 25, 2021. Read reactions from fans who anticipated that the reboot will be based on The Long Halloween.