New Jack City, as previously reported, may be getting itself a reboot of some sort. However, don't expect original star Wesley Snipes to have anything to do with it.

In a recent interview amid his Dolemite Is My Name press commitments, Wesley expressed his belief that some things from the past should simply stay in the past.

"I'm not associated with it," he told Shadow and Act. "I've got nothing to do with it at all. I think some things should be left alone."

Snipes added that the original New Jack City "worked at the time under the circumstances and the story was built around things that are current." Bringing it back, though, wouldn't mean tapping into that same magic.

"I don't particularly like the idea of recreating the drug culture. For what?" he said. "I dont't know. They actually talked to me about doing it and I told them no. If I had a dime for every time I've said no! It's a done deal. It's a wrap."

In Netflix's Dolemite, out later this month, Wesley Snipes plays blaxploitation star D'Urville Martin. He’s joined in the  cast by Eddie Murphy as Rudy Ray Moore, Keegan-Michael Key as Jerry Jones, Chris Rock as Daddy Fatts, and more.

Next up, Wesley is among the cast of Coming 2 America, due next December.