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Gwinnett Place Mall, which was temporarily revitalized to be featured as the Starcourt Mall in Season 3 of Stranger Things, is going up for sale, Gwinnett Daily Post reports

Moonbeam Capital Partners, owners of the mall based in Duluth, Georgia, decided to enlist the help of Colliers International Atlanta in putting the space on the market after years of ignoring clear signs suggesting that it was time to pull the plug.

In December 2017, the decomposed body of a woman was found in the back room of an abandoned Subway in the food court of Gwinnett Place. It is believed that her body may have gone unnoticed for two weeks before being discovered by a maintenance worker during a routine check. 

“You’d be shocked at the number of malls, particularly derelict malls, in the area,” Stranger Things production designer Chris Trujillo told the Los Angeles Times about their search for an existing mall that could be turned into Starcourt. 

Even though it was “in a state of almost complete disrepair,” Gwinnett Place was chosen with much of the climax of Season 3 frighteningly taking place in the food court. 

“Imagine a mall without stores and without decoration. We had to painstakingly re-create the facades, all of the signage, all of the storefront displays,” Trujillo recalls. “In many cases we had to reconfigure the storefront architecture because it was in disrepair or it had been piecemeal remodeled through the years.”

Macy’s MegaMart and Beauty Master will remain untouched at Gwinnett Place since they own their respective spots.