Naomie Harris spoke with The Guardian recently for a profile published on Friday. The wide-ranging interview talks about her upcoming movie Black and Blue, her decision to only book supporting acting roles until now, and playing a drug-addicted mother in Moonlight. Harris also revealed that she was groped during an audition when she was in her mid-20s.

"I was in an audition and he put his hand up my skirt," she said. "What was so shocking about it was the casting director was there and the director, and of course no one said anything at all because he was—he is—such a huge star."

There was no further elaboration on who the star was or what the audition was for. 

She went on to say that she believed her Cambridge education had mostly acted as a sort of shield from predators. "I think there is the immediate assumption that you have a brain. Which is not necessarily true if you go to Oxbridge, as I’ve discovered," she said.

She credited the Time's Up movement for causing a "massive shift" within the industry, adding that "men know that they absolutely cannot get away with things now that they wouldn’t even have thought about before."

Black and Blue is out Oct. 25.

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