YouTube star Brooke Houts will not be charged with animal abuse following an investigation which was conducted after she accidentally uploaded footage last month that showed her punching, pushing, yelling, and spitting on her Doberman Pinscher, Sphinx. 

The LAPD's Animal Cruelty Task Force determined that there wasn't enough evidence to support criminal charges, TMZ reports. She was allowed to maintain custody of Sphinx throughout the investigation. LAPD has also indicated that her case can be reopened if new evidence is presented. 

Houts was placed under investigation after the LAPD received "several direct messages related to a YouTube video which people believe shows animal abuse." She responded to the backlash with a lengthy statement that included an apology as well as some justifications for her actions.  

In a statement to Hollywood Life, PETA condemned Houts' behavior in the video. "Animals deserve our respect and kindness, not to be slapped, grabbed, and spit on," the statement reads. "The video of Brooke Houts abusing her dog is disturbing and warrants her removal from the platform, and PETA is urging YouTube to do just that." 

Houts' (possibly vengeful) ex-boyfriend Dolan Henrikson commented on the animal abuse allegations, claiming that they "make so much sense," adding, "She is not a fan of animals, or she doesn’t like to treat animals with the same respect as if you would treat a human being."