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Kanye West recently bought a ranch in Wyoming valued around $14 million, and during an appearance on Fallon Kim Kardashian opened up about the investment. "We love Wyoming, it's always been such an amazing place. ... His dream and his vision is to move there," she explained to the Tonight Show host. What she implied, however, is that she's not 100 percent set on the move just yet.

"I love L.A., so I envision summers, I envision some weekends," she continued with a smile. "It’s like, the prettiest place you’ve seen in your entire life. Even my sisters, everyone, we’ve had this dream of getting a ranch and just spending our summers there and getting away."

While she shows a clear appreciation for the location, which is also where Kanye partially recorded and premiered his string of 2018 albums, she did add that the first night she spent there wasn't exactly perfect. "He took me to go see it for the first time, like, maybe a week ago, before he bought it, wanted my opinion," she said. "So it's like, you know, 5,000 acres or something, so we're driving, driving, driving up. We brought three of the kids. We go up to this cabin at the top. No electricity. iPads died. So, there's now no lights. I'm scared to death that a bear or something's gonna come. My phone dies. There is literally, like, no service. No nothing. I'm peeing in a bottle because there is, like, no bathrooms."

Kanye reportedly wanted a romantic evening in the middle of the woods, but Kim didn't find it quite as romantic as he did when she discovered there was a "whole hotel" at the bottom of the hill nearby. "That's not my vision of romance, babe," she added.

After talking about the wonders (and horrors) of Wyoming, Kim played a game of "Show Me Your Phone" with Fallon. She showed a text she received of a sign near a lake at the ranch he bought in Wyoming, to which she added, "He's so excited to maybe be moving to Wyoming." She hesitated for a moment, and said, "I don't know...well, not full-time."

She also revealed that her last Google search was, "Is shapewear with pee hole better?"

Kim also brought along model Winnie Harlow to talk how they bonded over their autoimmune issues.