At the top of the month, Jeezy and Jeannie Mai confirmed that they were an item. The rapper and The Real host have been relatively private about their relationship so far, but in a recent episode of The Real, Mai broke down how their first date went.

"I haven't talked to anybody about this on a public level," she said when the topic came up. "I have to tell you that getting to know J... You guys know him as Jeezy, but he's J to me... Getting to know him has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life," she continued. "I just got to know him in November. So, he's introspective, he's passionate, he's incredibly deep, he's a visionary. He's a great leader, he's an amazing servant to his community."

In the clip she referred to him as her "equal," and opened up about what their first date was like. "He asked me out on a date," she said. "I asked the host, 'Is there a Jeezy here?'" she joked. After they had a meal at a sushi restaurant, Jeezy asked her if she wanted to go salsa dancing. "He's an amazing dancer, by the way," she added. He then proceeded to ask her to envision what she saw him "being in your life."

"'If this matches my notes, I will pursue you,'" he told her. Check out what she had to say about the experience below.