People who believe in a mystical all-controlling sky person are at it again, this time publicly wishing to the nonexistent being in question for violence against comedian Sarah Silverman.

In a clip shared by Silverman Thursday, Florida-based preacher of awfulness Adam Fannin is seen wishing for the comedian's death.

"You heard of this comedian Sarah Silverman?" Fannin says in the clip. "You guys know who I'm talking about . . . She is a witch, she is a jezebel, she is a god-hating whore of Zionism. I hope that god breaks her teeth out and she dies. She is a wicked person."

As Silverman explained when sharing the clip, this type of hate-filled and reckless rhetoric can inspire actual acts of violence.

The Stedfast church, having made religion-based headlines before for apparent infighting, released a statement shortly after via churches' typical preferred method of communication (goddamn Facebook) in which they claimed to no longer be affiliated with Fannin. 

"For those who haven't been paying attention: Adam Fannin is NOT affiliated with Stedfast Jacksonville anymore," whoever runs the church's Facebook said Thursday. "He started his own 'church' called Law of Liberty Baptist Church. Our pastor is Jonathan Shelley."

Shelley, it's worth noting, has called for the stoning-to-death of children and is a known anti-vaxxer.

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